PEP Teacher Awards

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On Aug 02 2020, we began what will be a long and exciting journey for the PEP Platform with a PEP Celebration – PEP Teacher Awards 2020, which focused squarely on the Lockdown period and the stories contained within.
We have many other offerings in the pipeline within the Platform. For now, you may immediately check out and attend the just-launched 3-part Tuesday Debate Series on Aug 18, Aug 25 and Sep 01 2002 with focus on #NEP.

: 2020 Teacher Awards Event Completed :

We also had exciting Learning Sessions & Masterclasses on #NEP #Pedagogy #LockdownTeaching #Unlocking
AUG 02, 2020 | 3-7 PM | Online Event

PEP Teacher Awards 2020 in partnership with UNESCOUNESCO New Delhi

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AirMeet - Technology Partner
Our first public event, in partnership with UNESCO New Delhi, Oxford University Press and Airmeet, held on Aug 02 2020,
where we felicitated teachers for their bravery and for keeping learning going during pandemic times.
Christened PEP Teacher Awards, this will be a regular and an annual event at our platform.


We hosted numerous Learning Sessions and Masterclasses attended by hundreds of Educators.
Each session was carefully curated to provide unique approaches and alternative routes to learning and teaching,
which will continue to be a hallmark of the PEP platform.


We took a particularly hard look at what has been the story for Teachers in the last few months during pandemic and lockdown,
and felt that the Heroes we call Teachers must be honoured, respected and celebrated right now.

So that’s what we did!

The Speakers

The Emcee


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